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Take chibok girls’ issue as priority – Tunde Bakare Urges FG



The Pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare has urged the federal government to take the issue of the abducted Chibok girls as priority and intensify effort in the rescue of the abducted girls.


Bakare who was speaking during a Special Prayer Service for the abducted girls at the Unity Fountain yesterday, stated that Nigeria will be incomplete without the return of the girls.

He expressed sadness that the fate of the abducted girls has been frequently politicised, lamenting that rather than rise to the occasion as stakeholders and custodians of the security and welfare of the citizens of this nation, political parties and politicians have paid lip service, using the plight of the girls to score cheap political points.

“ We are not convinced that the matter of our daughters has been given the needed thoughtfulness. We do not believe that those who are in a position to act have taken sufficient action towards addressing this issue or even towards calming our anxiety as waiting parents.

“We are not unmindful that the Nigerian state failed to provide security for our daughters as they gathered to write their final examinations despite prior intelligence reports that suggested they were in danger. We remember with pain that the government of the day was slow to act after that incident; we also remember that it was only when the horrendous incident generated global outcry that government invested frantic efforts – efforts which were a combination of confusion and helplessness, false alarms of rescue, and false reports of breakthroughs in negotiations. We recall how attempts by the international community to aid in the rescue attempt were met with failure.

“We recall also that nothing was done when our daughters were allowed to be carted all the way from Chibok to Sambisa, spending two days on Damboa-Goza Road. Nothing was done when an ‘actionable intelligence report’ was provided by the United States on the location of our girls. Nothing was done when our daughters were kept in Gonori Primary School and showcased to the world as booties of war. Instead, the nation looked on.



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