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Starting and Quitting CorelDRAW

In this tutorial we’ll start working with CorelDraw, here are the steps in using CorelDraw

1. How To start CorelDRAW

To run the Program Corel Draw you can use 3 way

  1. The First Step Program > Click Start > > CorelDraw
  2. Step 2 > Click twice on the Icon that is on your Desktop
  3. Step 3 > Click 1 time Icon on the Taskbar of your CorelDraw

2. How To quit CorelDRAW

To perform the command Exit at CorelDraw there are 3 ways

  1. The first way > Click the X Icon at the top right corner of your CorelDraw
  2. The second way > by pressing ALT + F4 on the Keyboard
  3. The third way > With right click on icon and select Close Windows Taksbar
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