QUESTION: Can we meet you sir?                        

ANSWER: My name is Rt. Hon. Dare Omoyajowo, people usually call me Hon. Small, I was a former deputy leader of the house in IKOLE LG of Ekiti State an indigene of AYEBODE Ekiti. I am happily married. 


QUESTION: You are the founder of Dare Omoyajowo Development Agenda DODA, what is the motive behind it?                              

ANSWER: DODA is a personally conceived agenda aimed at giving support to the less privilege in our society, it is a very known fact today that things are not working in our dear nation, there is hunger all over, parents can no longer send their children to school, we have serious health care challenges, insecurity everywhere, our graduates can no longer get job after graduation. The situation is pathetic and pitiable, so DODA has come to give our little support to ameliorate this worrisome conditions. We give empowerment to our people, we support our farmers, we touch our aged parents and widows, we give scholarship to our students. These and other supportive programs are the primary objectives of DODA.          

QUESTION: Is DODA political?                              

ANSWER: No, we are not political at all in our approach to touching lives and developmental agenda. Our approach transcend political affiliation, tribe or religion because poverty does not recognise your political party and our aim is to tackle poverty within our own limit.         

QUESTION: What is your advise to other well to do Nigerian to also emulate DODA.

ANSWER: I am aware of so many individual or organization that are equally on same page with DODA even doing better but I like to encourage more and more people to see whatever they have as grace and use that to appreciate God by giving back to the society what God has graciously given to them. It is biblical and it attract more blessings. We have come to this world with nothing and will definitely return with nothing.  

QUESTION: As a former deputy leader in your local government, are you satisfied with the present state of affairs in your home state?             

ANSWER: How can any reasonable person be satisfied with what is going on in my State, it is worrisome, the present APC administration has failed the people, nothing is working from the federal to the State down to the Local Government. APC has ran out of idea, they are helpless and in total disarray. The people are now clamouring for better alternative. You don’t have to tell the blind, he can clearly see, neither demonstrating it to the deaf because he is aware of the unfortunate situation we are in Nigeria today.

QUESTION: As a politician, what do you think is the way out for our country present situation?

ANSWER: To change the changed, to vote out this agent of catastrophe named APC starting from Anambra in November down to Ekiti and Osun in 2022 then all over the country in 2023. That is our saving grace. They don’t meant well for our country. It is a military rule in civilian uniform. How can a democratically elected government plan to cage freedom of expression and press, ban peaceful protest, used armed personnel to invade someone house at the middle of night and killed innocent people, how can a serious government failed to provide security, employment and conducive environment for economy to thrive. A government that is enmeshed in unprecedented corruption. The president is unfortunately not in charge. For us to still remain as a country we must be courageous and patriotic enough to vote APC out.

QUESTION: But the PDP which is expected to be the alternative political party is in crises from the National to the State branches, how do you react to this?

ANSWER: It is a fact that all is not rossy for the party PDP but it still remain a better alternative. That is why we keep appealing to our leaders to shield their swords and embrace peace and genuine reconciliation in the interest of the suffering Nigerian and I know all will be okay for the party. Nothing is too big to sacrifice for peace. PDP will surely give a better and credible leadership.

QUESTION: In Ekiti State chapter of PDP, it seems there is still division and litigation about the conduct of last Congress, how are you sure this will not consume the party in the State?           

ANSWER: Yes, we have some cases still pending in the court and I don’t like to dwell on issues pending in the court, however, I still plead with our National Working Committee to safe this party for them to be on the good side of history. The problem in Ekiti can be resolve on the round table. The gladiators were ones best of friends and political associates. So sitting down together and possibly let go or do a give and take should not be good hard for them.

QUESTION: You have a group drumming support for the Former Governor of Ekiti State Chief SEGUN ONI to return back to office come 2022, what endeared you to this.

ANSWER: You are correct, I am one of the numerous Ekiti indigene supporting Chief SEGUN ONI ambition. Many are in my shoe, politician, non politician, home and abroad. I always want good governance for my people, I can see what I pray for in a leader in Chief SEGUN ONI, he is very simple, humble, incorruptible, blessed with original Ekiti native intelligence, always craving for the overall development of Ekiti state. SEGUN ONI is Omoluabi to the core. Go and check record, out of the four democratically elected governor in Ekiti only two could be said to be free from any corruption stain. OTUNBA NIYI Adebayo and Asiwaju SEGUN ONI. One was alleged and convicted by Ekiti House of Assembly White papers report, one is battling corruption cases with the EFCC. Asiwaju SEGUN ONI is the man of the moment in Ekiti no doubt and am prepare to do all within me to support this noble course.


QUESTION: How do you ensure the PDP pick him as their candidate in the 2022 election?     

ANSWER: I have always been telling those that will take that decision that if they want PDP back in power come 2022, Chief SEGUN ONI is their sure bet, the Ekiti electorates regardless of their political party were demanding for SEGUN ONI, its nothing but his antecedent. No former governor faced and survived the type of political challenges and crisis from the desperate opposition and today everyone in Ekiti adjudged him to be the best governor that ever ruled Ekiti State. By the special grace of God he will b the party candidate and our next Governor.

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  • Awe Abayomi Emmanuel says:

    HONOURABLE DARE OMOYAJOWO AKA HON SMALL,is an Illustrious Son of Ekiti small with a Heart of Benevolence,Am Awe Abayomi a proud son of Ijero Ekiti, unemployed graduate am Optimistic that Engr Segun Oni will Emerge in the forth coming Gubernatorial Election in Ekiti State the Unbrella will cover us again in Our Tremendous fountain of Knowledge State.

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