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See The School Where Teachers Burn Students for Worshiping the Devil



Two teachers have sent the families of a pupil to tears after they set the girl on fire for worshiping the devil.

It was drama and chaos as two teachers at Strait Secondary School in Nairobi, Kenya allegedly set fire on a 17-year-old student after pouring kerosene on her because she engaged in devil worship. The incident took place in the staff-room on March 17 as the Principal watched.
According to Standard News, the teachers tied the girl’s hands and feet and demanded that she disclose the whereabouts of another girl who was also involved in the devil worship.
“I was called to the staff room at 2pm together with another girl who is in Form One. The deputy and senior teacher kept asking me about a certain Form Four girl called Elizabeth. They wanted me to disclose her whereabouts but I told them she was not even my friend,” the girl said.
“They asked me to bend and suddenly, I was slapped hard on both sides of my head. The teacher told me if I did not confess about my relationship with Elizabeth I would not like what would follow.” 
The teachers then tied up her hands and feet. “I begged them to stop because I do not know about the girl but they said I should be prepared to get burnt.” 
She added: “That was when I heard him suggesting that they should do something extreme that would force the demons out of me.”
Things got out of hand after the student refused to tell the teachers because she said she didn’t know the girl’s name. The teachers doused her with kerosene and set her on fire.
Her parents, who were called in after the girl was rushed to hospital, denied that she was a devil worshiper.
The girl’s father said his daughter is a loyal Catholic. “You cannot be a Christian and devil-worshiper at the same time. They should have just called me to pick my child.”



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