In this interview with our Political Correspondence Jegede Olusayo, The founder and financier of the Dare Omoyajowo Development Agenda, Hon. Dare Omoyajowo (A.k.A Hon. Small) had admonished and charged members of Ekiti State PDP particularly the delegates in the January 2022 primary election to peacefully and generously cast their votes for the most popular aspirant of the party. Omoyajowo insisted that with the current situation on ground in Ekiti State today, the popular demand of the general public is Chief Segun Oni, Former Governor of the State

 He mentioned the rare attribute of the former Governor that has endeared him to the heart of an average Ekiti voter, he therefore declared that delegates and members of the PDP should not gamble with their votes or be intimidated by an individual that wanted to pocket the party for personal gain.

Question: Mr. Omoyajowo, Good to talk to you again sir

Answer: It’s my personal pleasure sayo

Question: We are gradually approaching the primary election of your party, how prepare is the party to conduct free, fair and acceptable election

Answer: It is true that the National working Committee of our great party PDP had fixed January 2022 for the conduct of our party primary election and already seventeen aspirants had obtained form to participate in the election. With the information at my disposal all the aspirants sailed through successfully in the screening exercise headed by the former governor of Kaduna state Alhayi Ahmed Makarfi. So far all the aspirants in the race had been conducting themselves in a peaceful and orderly manner

We are a very peaceful and well organized party, our members are not violent at all, we see ourselves as one big family under one umbrella. Yes we can be divided in our opinion on the choice of aspirants we are supporting but we try not to engage in any violent or criminal intent against one another. All the aspirants were mobilizing to the party and meeting delegates to solicit their support. So by and large, our party is getting prepared and ready for peaceful and globally acceptable primary election

Question: Before we go further on the Ekiti election your party National Convention where new sets of National Working Committee was conducted peacefully with a lot of funfare and the result was acceptable by all stakeholders, how do you think this episode will help your party in the future election

Answer: You can see what played out in our National Convention really signified that our leaders now put National interest before personal or selfish interest. Except the little apprehension we had on the court case instituted by the former National Chairman every other issues were resolved as a united family. Our party at all level is determined to rescue Nigeria from the present Buhari / APC administration that made life so difficult for all and sunday. Nigerian cannot afford to surrender their destiny in the hands of the   APC government and they are crying to our party to come to their rescue.


To do that we must ensure that we have a well organized party that will be fair to everybody that was what we demonstrated during the National Convention which now gave us edge over the corrupt, unorganized, tyrannical APC party.

Meanwhile, Nigerian can now attest to it that PDP is prepared and ready to take over power from APC. The peaceful Conduct of our National Convention by extension will help our party in electing a popular and generally acceptable candidate for Ekiti gubernatorial election coming up next year and other subsequent elections.

Question: You are one of the strong supporters of the aspiration of Former Governor Segun Oni using your group to mobilize support for him, how can you define the personality of Chief Segun Oni.

Answer: Fine gentlemen, well refined and humble, highly intelligent and cerebral, responsible and integrity personified. An Incorruptible leader, thoroughly breed Ekiti man. My interaction with Chief Segun Oni since we started supporting him is the best thing that ever happened to my political Career. I enjoy working for him, no regret supporting Chief Segun Oni to become Ekiti State Government, no regret supporting this man at all. He will handle all issues with satisfying solution, let me tell you, we have close to 40 groups voluntarily working for his aspiration. This is unprecedented. He lead other aspirants with wide margin in term of followers and supporters. He runs a globally acceptable campaign where aspirants are been sponsored by the people unlike other aspirants that spent or borrowed money to run their campaign, Chief Segun Oni campaign is being funded by well wishers. We believe this man, we trust him, Ekiti have tested him before and trusted he can manage the meager resources for the development of our young state.

Question: How can you convince the delegates to elect Chief Segun Oni with the current trend in Ekiti State PDP Exco where a former Governor that has interest in another aspirant controls the Excos.

Answer: Let me use this opportunity to correct the impression that somebody has the control of the delegates or the Excos in Ekiti State. That is an erroneous impression and baseless propaganda to deceive the unsuspected members of the public. In Ekiti state PDP today Chief Segun Oni has the most solid support base, Excos are joining his camp everyday, Segun Oni is the only aspirants that is not losing his supporters to other aspirants while others are losing their supporters to him everyday. In Ekiti State, we don’t believe in godfatherism, a scenario we paid ridiculously for in 2018 even when we were in government and an individual imposed his deputy. We are talking to ourselves, we cannot afford to repeat the 2018 sad episode. Remember I told you we have close to 40 solid groups working and spending their resources on Chief Segun Oni aspiration, we are all Ekiti people, some permanently at home, some in another state or in the Diaspora. 

All these executives are our relatives Brother, Sister  Cousin  and Well Wishers. We are not relenting in our effort to mobilise support for Chief Segun Oni. I am confident and proud to inform you that we in the camp of Chief Segun Oni are Not scared of any Individuals that only want to benefit in the Party that in not in Government. We are sure of victory in the primary election as member and delegates cannot afford to gamble with the future of the state and our party on the Altar of loyalty to an individual or baseless intimidation by a man that Did Not better their life even when he has all the means and power to do so. Everybody is wise now. they know who is a real friend and a fake friend to the masses of Ekiti.

Question: what is your message to the delegates/ member of your party as they set for all important primary election

Answer: They should give Ekiti Segun Oni who is their preferred choice. They should not gamble, they should not be intimidated by an individual. The interest of the party and the State should be seen as greater than personal interest. Above all they should not undermined APC on the platter or non performance; Fayemi is the Chairman of the Governor Forum, a Presidential hopeful of his party, he will want to deliver his state to justify his position, only a popular candidate like Chief Segun Oni can do the magic for our party. I therefore plead with our delegates to please place state interest above personal interest or interest of an egocentric leader with selfish intention.

Question: What is your position on the Direct primary election to choose party candidate.

Answer: Our party is still studying the documents while awaiting Presidential ascents. However, as far as we are concerned in the Chief Segun Oni Camp, we are not intimidated by any process decided by our great party. We are fully on ground and prepared. Success is our only language.

Question: What is your message to your group and other groups working for Chief Segun Oni aspiration.

Answer: I want to appreciate all members of the Dare Omoyajowo Development Agenda (DODA) for their commitments and solidarity. I am proud of you guys for dedicating your time, resources and energy, we shall all reap bountifully all our years of labour. Also our Sisters group with equal dexterity, you have all done well, let us keep working day and night until the final whistle. Remember it is not over until it is over. May all our effort be crown with success.

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