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Identifying Business Opportunities Around You

Identifying Business Opportunities Around You

Business Opportunities in Nigeria are everywhere, but usually in disguise.

No matter which country you are, whether South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco or any part of Africa and the world at large, you can be sure there are business opportunities all around you.

In this presentation, I will be sharing with you what you need to do to catch up with a business opportunity you need to become a successful business owner.

I will give you some working formulas to discover profitable business ideas and opportunities you need to start a successful business.

I won`t make a list here.

If I just make a list here, that will be as good as a mathematics teacher who teaches his students how to solve a certain mathematical problem, instead of giving them the timeless formula they can use to solve many more of the similar math problem.

(However, if list is what you love, I will direct you to my blog

Follow me as I reveal to you how to identify business opportunities in Nigeria and Africa;

First, believe your land is green, not grey

I can see thousands of Africans running out of their countries.

I have them all around me who are away to where they consider “greener pasture“. To them, their country is grey.

Some of them I know had to leave their wives and family behind while they are away to seek for money making opportunities.


Because they do not believe there are opportunities in their countries.

Dear friend, business opportunity is not a child of a particular location, it`s a son of a smart locator. Opportunity doesn`t live in a certain country or city, instead, it`s being found by people who intelligently search for it.

Who told you that Africa is poor? Did you know? The present woes of our continent are business opportunities themselves.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty“ Winston S. Churchill

Let me open your mind to something. We (Africa) are called developing countries. It is generally known and understood that we have many problems.

That is where I am going.

What is business? Business = problem solving. If I tell you that there are many business opportunities in Africa than in many advanced world, how will you feel?

You`ll probably think l am not exposed, yet there may be truth in the above saying. Look around you. you will see so many people coming from other part of your country and the world, taking chances of the entrepreneurial opportunities around you while you think you`re on a poor land.

But why is this so?

This is so because, as human beings, one of our weaknesses is that we usually don`t appreciate whatever we have. We love to believe “out there, there are opportunities, in here there is nothing”

This is the reason you`ll see thousands of people rushing to Lagos (Nigeria) and United States, thinking, “there is money in Lagos/US”. I dare to ask you, is there money in Lagos?

Yes and no.

Yes, if you know how to make it. No, if you think it comes magically.

Because most people who travel to Lagos or out of the country with the intention of making money think it can happen by magic (i.e. believing there is money in certain places and not in other places), 99% of them eventually never make that money.

If you cannot see UK or US, you can see Lagos or any commercial city of your country.

Ask people, when have you been here and why did you come here? You will hear them telling you, “I have been here since last 10 years. I came here to make money”, yet, they have made nothing.

Why is this so?

Business or money making opportunity does not reside in a certain country or city. It resides in your mind (whether you`ll see it or not is the question to be answered)

The first step toward discovering a very profitable business opportunity is to believe in where you are now, your country.

Why is this important? Because when people don`t believe in their countries, they simply say (or think), “ well, this place is poor and bad, nothing good is here”.

That is how 99.9% of Africans think (and this makes me sad)

When you think there is nothing good somewhere, will you attempt to look for anything good from such a place? No.

When you think, “Nigeria is poor, no opportunity or hope in this country”, will you ever ‘waste’ your time trying to find ways to make it in that same country? No.

Resign from the club of the negative people.

I challenge you to start believing in your country (Nigeria or any other country of Africa).

Let`s move to the next point…

Prepare for business opportunities in Nigeria

I have a lot to tell you on how to get that business formula that will transport you from grass to grace, but how vain will it be if I fail to let you know that you searching for a business opportunity can be compared to how a lady searches for a man to marry.

You ask me how?

I am sure you know. A lady cannot actually tell when the man she is waiting for will come, whether in the church on Sunday, in the lecture room on Tuesday or at the work place on Friday.

She really cannot tell, that is why she works hard … very hard … to keep herself always in good attires.

An aspiring business owner really cannot tell when his break through formula will come … though he is optimistic that it is coming. I am here to tell you, 99 of 100 who are now millionaires never knew the business ideas that made them rich was coming when it came … just as women rarely know the men that marry them now was coming when they came.

No. I am not talking about luck here, just as most people think that luck is when you sit down and one million dollars get inside your bank account.

Instead, I am talking about preparing for what you are sure will come.

This is one example. Dr. John Pemberton was a pharmacist in Atlanta when he had a persistent headache. He was in his laboratory searching for a cure for headache when he discovered the formula for Coca Cola.

Great invention, I heard you said?

You are wrong. Dr. Pemberton, though discovered a wonderful business opportunity, he was never prepared to be an entrepreneur. He started the production and selling of Coke, as anybody will do, but he never could make profit.

Two years passed and his loss was only increasing.

Fortunately for the world (though unfortunately for Dr. Permberton) there was a man who have already prepared himself to be a successful business owner. His name is Asa Candler.

Mr. Candler had been a business minded dude who understood marketing, branding and other business skills. He negotiated with Dr. Pemberton and bought the Coca Cola from him for about $3,200.

You can see now the reason why I said it was unfortunate for him? Candler was a prepared entrepreneur and within four years, he made Coca Cola an American soft drink. No need to tell you other boring stories. You have seen my point here.

Business opportunity rarely come to the unprepared minds, and if by mistake it comes, they will miss it.

Two ways to prepare yourself for a great business idea

Permit me to quote Emily Dickinson “not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door“.

Because ladies don`t know when that man they desire will come, they always keep themselves neat and expectant. But that is just one of the two things they do.

Guess the second thing? They are preparing not to lose him when he comes.

Though a lady tries all she could to appear good and beautiful, she knows that she must possess some good qualities, or else, she gets that man and lose him again. For instance, she might have to know how to cook good meals, how to keep her home neat and very important in Africa, how to submit to her husband.

Let`s convert this to the business world.

First, be on the lookout. Be at alert. Be expectant. Look around you for businesses people are doing which you could do better. Be aware of products and services people are doing, but doing poorly.

Business opportunities come when someone does something with a better creativity.

You are seeing that every day (though you may not pay attention). Someone will come out with something slightly different. Before you know it, it`s becoming the talk of the town.

Peter Drucker is recognize as the father of the modern management. To him, innovation is a new invention.

Yes, if you can innovate, you can invent.

This is it. We have Yellow colour (for example) and we have blue colour. These are the two colours will have at present. Then, a man comes from nowhere and mix Yellow and Blue together. He hasn`t done something new, you know. But he has done something great … great enough to create a new business.

Why? Because people now start thinking of buying the “new” colour.

I am sure you get me.

I know someone will say, “Akin, why don`t you just go ahead and list the business opportunities now in Africa, so I can get in immediately?“.

The problem with that thinking is that it doesn`t work that way. If anybody tells you it will work, the person is dumb (meaning he doesn`t understand the business world).

Another problem with that thinking is that if I start listing the business ideas in your country for you now (whether Egypt, Kenya, Ghana or Nigeria), what you will discover is that I am simply telling you everything you already know.

When it comes to business world, it is just like colours … nothing is actually new.

Innovation, marketing and strategies are the only things that make old things new.

When larry Page and Bin wanted to start their search engine, google, search engine was not a new invention.

They make google a giant company because they mixed blue with yellow. You are now getting me. If I am writing here and I start writing “hey, go and start transportation business, go and start poultry farm, go and start recharge card business etc“, it will be a good evident that I really don`t understand the world of business.

Discovering a business opportunity is not about starting something new, in fact, it is not about starting a profitable business.

You can go ahead and start the so call profitable business opportunity and you will soon discover that no business is profitable on its own … someone behind it makes it profitable.

That is where I will jump to my next point.

The second area to prepare is your “home“.

Just as I used the analogy of that lady who, though she is keeping herself physically attractive to get the desire man, she also keeps her internal values in check … or else she loses that man after she gets him.

Though many people don`t know, business is a war, and has to be well prepared for.

However, the kind of battle we fight in the business world doesn`t require gun or bomb, instead, knowledge… business skills.

Business Knowledge is the weapon of the business war, believe me I know what I am saying here. Why do we need knowledge to be successful in business?

Because it is the most competitive field of human professions.

Becoming a banker, a lawyer or a doctor is very competitive because there are many other people who want to be what you desire to be. Football, volley ball and other games are competitive because there are other dudes who want to win the gold you desire to win.

But wait a minute, business world is 100 times more competitive than all of the aforementioned (maybe a little exaggeration is here anyway).

Why? Because everybody wants to make money. If I ask you to go and start bakery business now, hundreds of people are already running bakery. If I ask you to go into private school business now, tens of school are in your city.

Does that mean that there is no business opportunity to make you rich anymore?

No. it only means that you have to prepare yourself. How? Sharpen your battle axe (brain). Invest your time in learning about different business subjects, Marketing, Branding, Leadership and many others.

This should not surprise you anyway. Business is a profession, just as medicine is. Who becomes a successful lawyer without some studies? Business is not just a profession, business is the mother of all other profession.

Without business minds, hospitals cannot run profitably. Without business there cannot be bankers. We won’t have transportation, phone or airplane. Business is behind everything. But because you and I were raised under a faulty learning system call school, we were never trained to be business minded.

If you allow me I will summarize this presentation in three simple formulas:

  1. Believe in your country and don`t think there is no hope there. This will give you faith to pursue your financial dreams and tenaciously search for the entrepreneurial opportunities around you.
  2. Prepare yourself for a mighty million dollars opportunity by acquiring business skills through reading of good business books and attending business seminar (not get-rich-quick please). Remember Dr. Permberton who invented Coca Cola? Get prepared. That doesn`t mean that you have to wait and keep on watching…
  3. Ask yourself, what products/services can I produce or sell better than people doing it now? No better formula than this (as much as I know). If there is Red and Green product in a particular market place and a man can mix Red and Green (just for example), such a man has created something new and will get attention, sales and money. What business can you do better than people doing it now?

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