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How to Enable Hibernate Mode in Windows 10


The Start menu returns to Windows 10, and contains a power button in clear view, unlike Windows 8 which had the power button (and other features) hidden. While this will make the switch for Windows 7 users easier, one feature that is missing is Hibernate mode. Here’s how to enable it.

By default, when you open the Start menu in Windows 10 and select the power button, there is no Hibernate mode.

Why hibernate?

Hibernation is kind of a mix between a traditional shut down and sleep mode primarily designed for laptops. When you tell your PC to hibernate, it saves the current state of your PC—open programs and documents—to your hard disk and then turns off your PC. Then when it’s time to start it up again all your previous work is ready and waiting for you

Enable Hibernate in Windows 10

To enable Hibernate in Windows 10, type: power options into the Search box and hit Enter, or select the result from the top.

Or, if you like Cortana, just say “Hey Cortana. Launch power options.”

Either way, you’ll get to the Power Options section of Control Panel. From the left column select Choose what the power buttons do.


Next, if options are grayed out, select Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Scroll down and check the Hibernate box, and after that make sure to save your settings.


Now when you open the Start menu and select the Power button, the Hibernate option will be available.


It’s also worth noting that the old school method of using the keyboard shortcut Alt+F4 still works, too. And following the steps above adds the Hibernate mode option there as well.

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