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Everyone needs personal brand



For a while now, the term “Personal Brand” has mostly been associated with celebrities. The question is, Is personal branding only for celebrities? The answer is simple – absolutely not.

Personal branding is the practice used by many professionals to create a professional identity for themselves in order to stand out from he crowd and gain a competitive edge and works the very same way brands do.

Take a moment and look around, you’ll notice that branding is everywhere. This is how brands gain a competitive edge, by staying top of mind in the eye of their target market. The decisions we make on which brands of clothes we buy to the groceries we pick out right in the front of the shelves – everything we purchase is determined by the brands we prefer.

So ask yourself this, don’t you want to be that brand that everyone wants? The candidate who is sought after by recruiters because he / she managed to capture their attention through his / her personal brand.

We have all had that experience of being treated differently because it felt as if you didn’t care much about how you behaved and presented yourself. In the specialist recruitment industry, presenting a professional and positive image is of utmost importance.

This includes basic things like the grammar you use when sending your emails, your great academic background, work experience, your CV and how you present yourself when going for an interview.  All these elements form part of your personal brand. Whether you like it or not, it is the perception and impression you leave in people’s mind. Build and perfect a positive perception and you can use it to your own advantage. Standing out and getting that interview, this, in essence, is what a well thought-out personal brand can do for you.

Sure you can work hard, be great at your job and wait patiently for your boss or a recruiter to recognise your talents.  Or, you can build a great personal brand and be known for great things in your industry because you firstly, speak and connect with the right people in your industry and secondly, they recognise and respect you because you have been strategic about how you position yourself in the market using your person brand. Competition is tough and job hunting can be a long road if you don’t know what to do.

Consider making personal brand an essential part of your career. Manage it, enhance it and perfect it! By so doing, you are packaging all your strong career traits and capabilities that make you who are in such a way that people can understand and relate to you.

If you’re looking for a finance job, engineering job and IT job, then you need a personal brand to project the best person you believe you are.


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