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Corel Draw Overview for Beginners

If you first use CorelDraw to draw then you found the right article. Here we will explain how to draw with corelDraw, there are several stages we should explain before you start to draw, the following is a brief explanation of parts from corelDraw

How to Use Corel Draw for Beginners | 10 Minute Tutorial

1. Title Bar

The title Bar is the area that displays the title/name of the file that is currently open.

2. Menu Bar

The menu Bar is the area which contains the menu > with commands that are grouped by category: File, Edit, View, Arrange, Layout, Effects, Bitmaps, Text, Table, Tools, Windows and Help.

3. standard bar/Toolbar

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Toolbar/standard bar
Toolbars contain icons Collection that has a specific function and is used to make it easier to access a command/tool.

4. Property Bar

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Property Bar

Is the section that contains the active tool (Active Tools) that will appear if the user clicks on specific tools or create a specific object. Thus, Ptoperty Bar can be fickle and not at one of the other tools with tools. Example if the user clicks the Rectangle Tool, then the Property Bar shown is the commandments related to the tool.

5. Control Windows

The control Window is a collection of key Manager window view of the CorelDRAW Drawing or window consisting of the Minimize, Maximize, Restore, Close.

6. Toolbox

The Toolbox is the main part in the form of Tools/tool to create, populate, and modify an object or picture in CorelDRAW. Here is the complete tool icon and contained in the toolbox:

6.1 Pick Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Pick Tool
The default tool which serves to select the object depicted by arrows. In principle to activate all means of operation contained in the look of CorelDRAW to designate the command, pointing to objects and activate it.

6.2 Shape Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Shape Tool
Tool that serves to do editing of subtly and especially for curves and text objects by manipulating the number of nodes in the object or curve text according to your needs.

6.3 Crop Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Crop Tool
Crop Tool functionality is to cut and remove a curve object or bitmaps

6.4 Zoom Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Zoom Tool
Use the Zoom Tool to zoom in and out of objects in a positive and negative, as well as 1:1 comparison with zoom magnification of selected objects and so on.

6.5 Freehand Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW Freehand Tool-
Freehand tool is a tool for the creation of various model lines, curves, and to draw in this tool is free, there are some tools that have similar functions, among others: 2-Point Line, Bezier, Artistic Media, Pen, Polyline, B-Splines, 3-Point Curve.

6.6 Smart Fill Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Smart Fill Tool
Smart Fill used to provide color field and color outline at once and can give the effect of mirroring and grouping in different areas of the same color from the smart fill tool.

6.7 Retangle Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Retangle Tool
This tool is used for object creation box, square, rectangular, or square.

6.8 Ellipse Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Ellipse Tool
This tool is used for object creation circles either elliptical/oval, arc or pie

6.9 Polygon Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Polygon Tool
And this tool is used to create objects of a triangle, rectangle, Pentagon and other polygon objects. In this tool there is also the Star tool, Compleks Star, Graph Paper, Spiral.

6.10 Basic Shape Tools

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Basic Shape Tools
Well For this Tool is used to form the basic shape of the objects that are already prepared by the program CorelDRAW by default such as bubble comment, Arrow Shape, Banner Shape and others.

6.11 Text Tool

Get to know part-CorelDRAW Text Tool
It’s obvious this tool used for creating artistic text. Although this tool is not found on a flyout, but this tool has another tool, namely Paragraph and Character Formatting Formatting on the sub menu text on the Property Bar standard.

6.12 Table Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Table Tool
Table Tool used to create the table on CorelDRAW, to organize the large number of columns and lines located in the Properties Bar.

6.13 Parallel Dimension Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Parallel Dimension Tool
The function of the Paraller Dimension Tool this is to draw a line of paraller showed an object’s size or extent.

6.14 Straigth Line Connector Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Straigth Line Connector Tool
And this tool serves to draw a straight line to connect two objects, this tool is only found on CorelDRAW X 5 version and above

6.15 Blend Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Blend Tool
Blend Tool serves to mix (Blend) of two objects with the blend changes the shape of the object and the color of the complex between the two obejek that in the mix.
In this Tool, there are several other tools include:

  • Contour Tool: used to create a series of concentric shape of an object
  • Distort Tool: used to distort an object by applying the effect of push pull, zipper l & and twister.
  • Drop Shadow: the shadow is used to create a curve object, text, or image
  • Envelope: used to change the shape of an object or text with change or dragging a node from its original form.
  • Extrude: used to create a 3D effect to an object, the tool is also used to create the effect of a Long Shadow on a Flat design.
  • Transparency: used to provide transparency effects in a good curve object, text, or bitmaps

6.16 Color Eyedropper Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW Eyedropper Tool-Color
This tool digunaka to take a sample or a sample of the color in the form of percentage mixture the color of the selected object and applied to the other so that its colour is the same obyel.

6.17 Outline Pen Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Outline Pen Tool
Tool to organize everything about outline or line the outside of the object includes the thickness, color, remove the outline and so on.

6.18 Fill Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW-Fill Tool
Tool to organize everything about the fill color of an object or objects include color settings, remove the fill and so on.

6.19 Interactive Fill Tool

Get to know part of the CorelDRAW Fill Tool-Interactive
Tool to make the tint in an object or curve text in CorelDRAW.

7. Drawing window

Drawing Window is the Area outside the Drawing Page that can also be used to create or modify an object.

8. Drawing Page

Drawing Page is the Area of the square-shaped with a worksheet size of which can be personalised way refers to standard size paper, where each object the images contained in these areas can be printed. The area is also known as the Printable Area, and there are objects that are outside of this area would not printed and will be automatically terpindah to the Master Page.

9. Ruler

Ruler is the horizontal and vertical limits of which are used to determine the size and position of objects in an image.

10. Color Palette

The colour Palette is the part that contains the sample Default color that can be used for direct dyeing curve of an object or text.

11. Document Navigator

Document Navigator is an Area in the bottom left corner of the Drawing Window that contains a controller to switch from page to page other pictures.

12. Status Bar

The Status Bar displays the status of the active object and positions the cursor in the window

13. Navigator

Navigator is the button on the bottom right corner of the Drawing Window to open the display Window in the Drawing size is small. The button can help you to move on to the picture you’re working on how to use it just by clicking the left mouse button and hold it.

14. Docker

The window that contains commands and settings (settings) that are relevant in the particular tools (tool).

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