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Powerful KEYS You NEED to Achieve MASTERY & GREATNESS In 2018 and beyond


New Year is a mindset. What controls your thoughts, actions, and behaviors? Your MIND. Therefore, by aligning your mind with who you ARE and who you WANT TO BE, you take the first step to creating an amazing year. One point of clarification: To HAVE the best year of your life, you must CREATE the best year of your life. Meaning, live more as a CREATOR, and see everything you do as creating your reality. By living life with awareness, improvement, and mastery you will be able to create change. Creators needs awareness, vision, energy, power, and purpose. Do you have these necessities? To create the life of your dreams you must EMPOWER yourself first to create the changes.

By switching your mindset to focus MORE on LIFESTYLE changes and habits, and LESS on short term tactics, you WILL accomplish your goals. The first step in creating is to change your MINDSET, starting with your language.

Change “resolutions” → “focus” “goals” “actions”

Here are the 11 keys you need to achieve mastery and greatness in 2018…

  1. Gain self-awareness

To know what you WANT you have to know who you ARE. Self-awareness is the prerequisite for living your best life.

  1. Build your energy

Change and achievement requires energy. You must have energy in your heart, mind, body, and spirit in order to create and upgrade your life. Energize thyself.

  1. Empower yourself

In order to upgrade yourself you have to plug yourself into a POWER source, YOU. To access your power, empower yourself.

  1. Make lifestyle changes

Real change requires real commitment. Commitment is a long term process. Therefore, when trying to change, realize it is a new way of living. The long term-lifestyle mindset can be overwhelming for some, causing them to not even start. The cure for this is to focus on DAILY actions, while breaking them down in simple steps. Take actions that will become a part of your lifestyle and can be sustained over time.

  1. Ease mental fatigue

To ease mental fatigue, break your goals down into bite-sized action steps. Too often people use mentally heavy language like “lots of” “tons of” “have to” “must do”. These kinds of phrases cause mental fatigue, while mentally building something up before you even do it. The result of mental buildup is mental breakdown, causing you to NOT take action, which further inhibits progress. Replace heavy language with words like “some”, “I chose to”, “I have the privilege to.”

  1. Cure procrastination

The cure for procrastination is your MINDSET. Procrastination happens because you have undesirable feelings and emotions towards a certain action. To avoid performing the action, you procrastinate and do other activities instead. By learning how to motivate yourself when you don’t feel like it you can master procrastination.

To cure procrastination:

  • Find the pleasures/benefits in what you’re doing
  • Visualize the reward/outcome for that action
  • Practice gratitude
  • Change your emotional state BEFORE taking the action (music, power poses, positive affirmations)
  • Downplay what you’re doing by changing your language
  1. ex) “Have to do this” → “I’m choosing to do this”

-Decrease the time commitment. By giving yourself an end point, you ease mental fatigue. The secret is: As you take action you’ll build up momentum, so you’re LESS LIKELY to stop.

ex) “I’m only going to do 25 minutes, if I don’t like it I can stop”

      7.  Unleash your superpowers

Every superhero has a superpower. What are your superpowers? The first step to creating an amazing year and life is to discover and live in your power.

  1. Find your power words

Find 1–5 words that make you feel powerful. Keep these words within your sight or reach so you can remind yourself of who you are and what motivates/inspires you.

What words make you feel alive?

What words make you feel powerful?

What words make you want to take action?

  1. Find your power animals

By finding your power animal(s) you can study their qualities and traits. This is done with the purpose of embodying their strength and qualities within yourself. Pick a power animal for each category of your life: health, wealth, career, finances, personal growth, relationships, and happiness. Once you have that animal, act and move in ways that emulates that animal, to embody its power.

  1. Eliminate distractions

A distraction is anything that is…

  • Disempowering
  • Wasting your time, energy, attention,
  • Limiting you
  • Keeps your attention away from your own personal growth
  • Derails your focus

Distractions can be very subtle, bold, and in between. Reduce and/or eliminate distractions as much as possible so you’re focus can be on your empowerment.

Subtle distractions= suggestions to go out, suggestions to stay up late, suggestions to break your diet, suggestions to partake in old habits, long conversations, etc.

Bold distractions = tv, internet, social media, drama, friends/family,

  1. Upgrade yourself

To upgrade your life, upgrade yourself.

Remember…the New Year begins with your mindset. Gain self-awareness, create a plan, have a focus, execute.

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