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Proven Ways to Win a New Contract for Your Business


Winning a new contract for your business cements your status as an industry expert, brings in extra money and gives you a boost in confidence.

Whether the proposal is submitted in writing, via email or in person, there are some essential ingredients to make sure your proposal is selected, rather than tossed on the pile of rejects.

  • Keep your branding strong throughout so your pitch leaves a lasting impression – include your logo and use your brand colours in headlines, headers and footers and watermarks.
  • Tell your business story – capture the prospect’s attention with a short history of your business.
  • Explain what your business can do for theirs at a glance – spell it out with short words and phrases, so they know exactly what they will get when working with you, but aren’t bogged down with long explanations.
  • Explain how you do what you do – like the point before, use words, phrases or diagrams to show what will happen when they work with you, from establishing their aim through to their desired outcome.
  • Include biographical information for yourself and any other staff members or contractors who will be involved – this way the prospect knows exactly who they will be working with.
  • List your business awards and milestones – this adds to your existing credentials.
  • Feature case studies from existing clients – show how you have worked with other companies to achieve their aims, listing the goals and solutions your business provided.
  • Explain how you plan to work with them – list the tasks your business will perform as part of the contract and the strategy behind these.
  • List the methods used to evaluate your work – measurement is an important factor, so show how your business will help theirs measure the success of the work completed. This could be through media clippings, increased sales, unique website visitors, online engagement or the actions the prospect’s customers take as a result.
  • End your proposal with the ways to contact you for more information – this shows you are willing to answer further questions and welcome contact.

Once you have all this information it will provide a solid foundation for your proposal, so you can make your pitch for their business knowing everything is covered.

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