Mind development and control must take place at the subconscious level where thoughts are converted to spiritual energy. What the mind conceives and firmly believes, the mind achieves. If we must live a happy life, we must voluntary submit to and willingly obey natural laws. All effects are rooted on material causes. To resolve a problem, you need to deal with the cause and the effects will disappear! Spiritual goals are seldom attained in a hurry. If you fail to learn wisdom of a preliminary stage, you have laid a poor foundation and may find that even after attaining you must return to the basic lessons to start learning the rudimentary facts of life. It does not usually rain all the time. So amid all the flashing and lightening and clapping of thunder is that calm will soon be restored and life will take its normal course.

Moral perfection is a gradual process, just as a seed contains all the qualities that make a tree undergoes stages of germination before it unfolds into a tree that gives shelter to all needing to all needing its protective influence. Moral principles are based on right perception, right thinking and right planning, we need to engage in spiritual exercises in the same way as we rely on physical exercises to build up necessary energy for body fitness. It elevates you to appreciate spiritual virtues. Love is the greatest secret of all unions and offer the highest standard of morals to attain such union. Love gives a detached attitude from the natural pattern of life. In love, you identify yourself with the beautiful which exists in though and action.

The modern era has exposed all known truths to the probing principles of sound reasoning purposely to prove their hidden mysteries and free humanity from gross ignorance. On the philosophical pedestal, only esotericists understand practical esoterism! Philosophic life is a prerequisite to wisdom. Philosophers love wisdom. Esotericists are the philosophers of our time! Ask yourself “ARE YOU ONE?”.



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