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France makes it Illegal to pay for sex



Some prostitutes protested the law during the final debate. They may be forced to go out of their way to protect their clients from getting caught, which may put them in more danger, critics argue. Many have reportedly been asked by their clients to go to their homes, as opposed to public or neutral areas.

Supporters of the law say it humanizes prostitutes as victims, and encourages them to come forward if they are being abused.

A reporter said this,

Sweden was the first country to criminalise those who pay for sex rather than the prostitutes, introducing the law in 1999. Other countries have since adopted the so-called “Nordic model”: Norway in 2008, Iceland in 2009, and Northern Ireland in 2014.

Earlier this year, the European parliament approved a resolution calling for the law to be adopted throughout the continent.

ppProstitution in France is not a crime, but now, paying for sexual acts, human trafficking, having a brothel and pimping are illegal.



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