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The Most Convenient Way to Get Car Insurance



Remember those times when you had to drive to the closest insurance company to ask for quotes and everything seemed intransparent? Trust was not dominating your mind, but the fear of tapping into hidden costs or getting a fake policy?

Friends, those times are finally over!

Getting Insurance in Nigeria is finally convenient and transparent. At www.topcheck.com.ng users can easily compare motor insurance quotes from the ease of their homes. Stop dealing with odd brokers that try to sell you policies at random prices. At TopCheck you can easily compare instant quotes from multiple leading Nigerian insurance companies for free!

How it works?

1)     Select Vehicle Type: Car or SUV or BUS or Anything Else

2)     Use: Private or Commercial

3)     Desired Policy: Comprehensive or Third Party or Third Party Theft & Fire?

4)     Insert Car Value

5)     Click on “Free Quotes” and you get instant quotes on your desktop, tablet and mobile for free!




TopCheck is proud to offer ALL Nigerians:

–          Instant quotes from multiple insurers

–          Best Prices

–          Comprehensive Insurance

–          Third Party sent by email within minutes!

–          Free comparison of benefits & prices – no hidden costs!

–          Highest safety standards

–          Multiple payment options

–          Independence

–          Excellence in Customer Support


TopCheck is a new technology startup that aims to revolutionize the insurance industry by offering technological innovation to every Nigerian.

So how does TopCheck make money if the service is for free?

TopCheck gets money if a customer finds insurance via www.topcheck.com.ng.

Can you trust the prices on TopCheck.com.ng?

There are no favorites, all policies are ranked by price and benefits, TopCheck is 100% independent!


TopCheck also operates a first-class customer support team that helps you to find the policy that suits your needs. You can reach TopCheck at:  08184519887, 08184519807


NOW AVAILABLE: Best Life Insurance Quotes on the phone! Just give us a call and we are happy to present you with great quotes! Additional insurance products will follow soon.

TopCheck is a real company with an office in Lekki Phase 1. Check out on the pictures below how TopCheck works!


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