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Controversial: See what Singer Adekunle Gold Did To Kim K, Chrissy & Amber Rose [Photo’s]

See the controversial photo’s of Singer Adekunle Gold as he photoshopped himself into hot photos of Hollywood celebrities: Kim K, Chrissy Teigen and Amber Rose. Lolz More photo’s after the cut:

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, has disclosed that President Buhari will return to Nigeria from his UK trip on Sunday June 19th. President Buhari was expected to return today after his 10 days vacation and medical trip elapsed today. However speaking with State House correspondents before the National Economic Council (NEC)…

Kenyan girl who photoshopped herself into photos of tourist attraction sites arrives China to a grand reception

  Seve Gats, the Kenyan girl who edited herself into photos of tourist attraction sites in China has arrived in Beijing to a grand reception. Gats, whose real name is Seveline Kinya, left Kenya on Monday, and on Tuesday, June 14, shared a series of photos while awaiting a connection…

5 Things to Remain Positive About When All Hope is Gone
Your Health. I love the saying ‘If there’s nothing wrong with your health, you don’t have a problem’, I’m not saying I fully believe in it (I don’t believe in problems, only situations) but it definitely makes sense. When we are born, there’s only one thing all of us... Read more
Building Your Personal Brand – by Wilson Chimezie
BRANDING! What is it? Branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products . An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Origin of Branding: The term branding comes from the Old... Read more
Mind development and control must take place at the subconscious level where thoughts are converted to spiritual energy. What the mind conceives and firmly believes, the mind achieves. If we must live a happy life, we must voluntary submit to and willingly obey natural laws. All effects are rooted... Read more
What Do You Want Your Legacy to Be?
I’ve been struck (as so many people have) by Steve Jobs’ death — in part because I own just about everything he’s ever developed (iPhone, iPad, iMac, you name it) but also because his life has truly impacted each of our lives. No matter whether you’re a fan or... Read more
Why, then, are some people rich and others poor? I used to think that only a very few were called to serve God in the area of business and money, that only a few were to become millionaires. I thought that because of my call as a pastor and... Read more