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Airtel now launches a 3GB for N1000 data plan – works on all devices



Not quite long after the introduction of the Airtel #100 for 1GB weekend data bundle, Airtel then decides to take on their rivals by launching a 3GB internet data plan which would only cost you #1000.

Few days back, we discussed about the MTN unlimited daily plan which goes for #150, and now we’re here with an alternative plan. However, most users wouldn’t like to go for the MTN #150 unlimited daily packages, if only they want to download some huge files and do some streaming online. If not, it’s advisable to hook up with this airtel 3GB for N1000 internet plan.
The newly introduced Airtel internet package isn’t a blackberry plan, unlike other Airtel blackberry plans that works on other devices. This plan is the Airtel normal internet package that is recommended for all internet enabled devices, and using the plan can last you a full month as long as you’re not a downloading or streaming addict.
What do you think? Are you a big fan of social networks, all you do is chat, download little files and browse through the internet? If so, then it’s advisable to go for this Airtel package. Maybe, whenever you wished to download some huge files or got huge task to perform online which requires voluminous data, then you can subscribe for the MTN unlimited daily plan.

How to subscribe for the Airtel 3GB for N1000 plan?

To opt-in for the Airtel 3GB for N1000 internet package, simply dial *431#. To check-in for balance, then dial *140#.
Duration: 30days

Note: This doesn’t work on all Airtel SIM, only on selected sim especially OLD ones. Also make sure your internet access point is set to internet.ng.airtel.com
This plan works on all devices which includes your smartphones (android, windows phone, iPhone & iPad) symbian devices, Java phones, computers and other internet enabled devices. Don’t forget to read about the 10 Free Browsing cheats and Internet tricks that Still Rocks in 2016.
Read more: http://www.guruswizard.com/2016/02/airtel-now-launches-3gb-for-n1000.html#ixzz4201mTR95



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